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Member engagement in superannuation can often be low or non-existent. In addition, an increasing number of consumers - across generations - are choosing to research and make financial decisions online. IRESS recognises these challenges and has devised a contemporary, intuitive and engaging member experience.

IRESS' automated personal advice solution allows you to service members wanting superannuation advice digitally 24/7. With your own branding, this built-for-scale technology allows you to diversify your service offerings, extend your value proposition and directly engage with your members easily and effectively.

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The solution introduces members to the benefits of advice, and drawing on information already within a funds registry, it allows them to set their retirement objectives, review projections and then make choices to optimise their retirement outcomes. Members are provided with a statement of personal advice and can choose to action the recommendations using the solution and monitor progress. Members can also receive automated personal advice for wealth protection, savings and debt management. 

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"Members can use the tool to set their retirement outcome, review their projection and then make choices to optimise their projected outcome. They can then implement any recommended changes to keep them on track."

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Targeted goals-based solution - with calls to action—utilising known member data—can be highlighted to show members if they need to take specific actions to ensure their goals are met.

Financial calculators and interactive advice tools - the advice members receive—driven by XPLAN's powerful calculators—provides the same consistent and accurate calculations that your financial advice team would offer.


Triage and seamless transition into other advice channels - all captured data is stored in XPLAN allowing advisers to 'pick up' the member's journey and provide either guided or comprehensive advice. 

Obtain data analytics for targeted marketing to members - valuable analytics shows you how members are both accessing and using the solution. With this information you can devise new advice opportunities and enhance member engagement.

Full hosted and supported by IRESS - minimises the ongoing technical and costly overheads of managing your own custom solution.

Open API Architecture


Through APIs, this open architecture solution integrates with any other superannuation registry platform, website or portal.


Additionally, this solution is available with native integration between IRESS' Acurity administration platform  and Acurity online member portal, as well as XPLAN and XPLAN Prime  wealth management solutions; providing you with an end-to-end solution for super administration and member advice services. All client data is managed on one core platform, this reduces the risks associated with re-keying data between systems and - as a result -creates operational efficiencies.

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Contact us today to see our automated personal advice solution in action and how it can help your business. 

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Automated personal advice

A detailed overview of automated personal advice as a 4 page PDF

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