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With increasing competition and digital savvy consumers comes a demand for a secure and straight-forward way for clients and advisers to engage and communicate with each other 24/7.

To remain relevant, the financial services business of today needs to deliver a professional and personalised digital experience to their clients,offering an accurate perspective of their investments and financial life. Client Portal provides a secure line of two-way communication - making it easy and efficient for you and your clients and can be delivered at scale and with ease.

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Tell me what it does

Accessible via mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop, Client Portal offers a contemporary, easy to navigate front-end interface where your clients can engage with their financial information and interact directly with your business through secure messaging.

The cloud hosted front-end interface provides information and functionality for your clients via a suite of widgets that you select from a range of modules. With different layouts to choose from and adaptive to your brand style it truly becomes your front-end.

The back-end is built on a sophisticated, user friendly, enterprise grade content management system (CMS) that draws on data in your existing IRESS systems and presents it in the front-end interface for your clients. The CMS is an easy to administer, flexible solution that delivers your digital client experience at scale.

In additional to a fully configurable option, three headline packages are available with pre-determined widgets across the modules to make build and speed to market even quicker.

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“Any digital engagement tool we adopt must be aligned to our own brand values, communicate insightful information and enrich the client experience. It must provide meaningful functionality and it must be intuitive to use. The new Client Portal from IRESS delivers on this in spades.”

Cockburn Lucas Independent Financial Consulting

Can you break it down for me?

The flexibility of Client Portal allows you to choose the set-up to best suit your business and clients needs.

Front-end client interface

The front-end client interface presents information in a contemporary, visual format that’s simple to use across mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop. Developed in collaboration with clients - using our IRESS Labs co-design approach - the information and functionality that clients want is presented how they want it.

Suite of widgets

A suite of widgetsfrom five distinct modules, can be configured in your Client Portal. Many widgets are available now, and more are in development (a full list is provided in a later section). The five modules are:

  1. Account Information - giving your clients a complete perspective of their financial life

  2. Advice - professional services focussed on improving the onboarding and servicing experience for wealth management and mortgage clients

  3. Transactions - allowing your client to perform certain transactions themselves

  4. Content - catalogue of financial and life stage articles, videos and education programs

  5. Communication - all you need to make two-way communication with clients seamless

Two-way communication

Client Portal’s secure messaging features allow two-way communication with your clients, including all notifications, messages, document sharing and digital signatures.

Back-end infrastructure

Built on an enterprise grade content management system, allows you to build and administer your Client Portal with ease, minimal training and in as little as a few hours. You choose how the portal looks by selecting appropriate themes, layout and branding. In addition, you select the widgets that you want based on the information and functionality you want available to your clients.

Data storage

The CMS draws data stored in your existing IRESS systems and presents it to your clients in the Client Portal interface. Data created or changed by the client in the portal is fed back and stored against their file in your IRESS system. Your data is always housed and available via the secure IRESS systems.


Real-time usage stats and rich data analytics measures your client engagement and provides insights for possible action or changes, with data driven campaigns and nudge tools (push notifications) functionality to power your marketing.

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So what's next?

Contact us today to see Client Portal in action and how it can work for your business.

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