Wealth Management

Why you need a data detox

Is your most valuable information getting lost?


Open API mindset, open for business

An open architecture puts choice directly into the hands of super funds.


Can financial services reach the AI summit?

Until the focus on data changes, AI may remain a distant reality for most.


Why retail stockbroking will evolve and can thrive

Big opportunities are ahead for those with the right business and technology focus.


Are these the tech leaders of the future?

A group of curious young minds take over our office for a fun holiday coding camp.

Wealth Management

Alexa - why do I need to personalise my client’s experience?

9 reasons why personalised service propositions are no longer optional.

IRESS interviews

Rising to the challenge

With significant change afoot in the Australian wealth management market, one firm shares their inspirational approach to embracing it.


The elephant in the courtroom

How software helps organise and monitor data - and provide insight - is at the core of business opportunity and compliance oversight today.


Roll-on deodorant and the ballpoint pen

What do roll-on deodorant and ballpoint pens, or monkeys and sushi-trains for that matter, have to do with the software you use?


Changing expectations are shaping the digital experience

Staying relevant in a digital world means delivering exceptional experiences.

Wealth Management

Does your advice technology fit your business?

In the age of mass personalisation, one-size no longer fits all.


SaaS lets you change the super business model and the services you deliver

Software as a Service is a major driver of superannuation funds.

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